Solid wood kitchens.solid oak units.

A Whole Range of Kitchen Styles.

I build hand made 100% solid wood bespoke kitchens, designed to your individual requirements. By using only solid timbers, I can ensure that my furniture maintains its integrity, under the rigors of time.

All man-made materials such as melamine, mdf, chipboard once damaged. Become vulnerable to damp and prone to swelling. The use of these materials limits the lifespan of the cabinets. Despite the higher costs of natural woods, I try to resist using cheaper materials. That only appear good value in the short term. This is of course depending on your budget, which is also another important factor that I will work around when designing your bespoke kitchen.

Our Range of Available Doors.


If your budget only stretches to a foil wrapped MDF door. Why not contact me about our new range of sprayed MDF doors. In our experience, we have found that foiled wrapped doors tend to peel away over time. We can supply a door at the same cost as the foil wrapped but with more durability and in a range of styles and colours.

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