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A Wide Variety of Custom Built Furniture.


Clever Closets originally started as Quinn Designs. Where a strong foundation was laid in making solid wood kitchens and various pieces of hardwood bespoke furniture for the home. Unfortunately the recession meant that we had to rethink our business. In so far as the cost of hardwood furniture, were no longer possible for our valued customers. 

Clever Closets was born from the theory, that many of us were now to remain in our current homes, for the foreseeable future. Whilst still living and building our families. This in turn meant homes now needed to utilize the unused space in their homes, more now than ever before. 

We started with under stairs storage, simply because this was the space that could be utilized in our own home. But this soon grew to include attic storage, quirky alcoves, window seats. Triangular bookcases and mini bars to mention just a few!

We found that the more we talked to the customer and listened to what they needed. The more our portfolio grew! Combining craftsmanship, whilst using cheaper materials such as MDF. Meant the customer could always have, a bespoke custom built unit at an affordable price.

Building Contemporary Furniture Pieces.

Whatever you need, be it a pot stand to a wardrobe. We can custom build a piece of bespoke furniture, to perfectly suit your home. The choices of material are from mdf painted, to a higher end hardwood. And the possibilities are endless. The skies the limit!

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